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LvL Lashes


Techs Signature:

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I hereby authorise the fully trained and certified Nouveau Lashes technician named to perform a Nouveau Lashes treatment upon me. I understand that it is not the responsibility of the technician to diagnose a client's susceptibility to allergies.

I accept full responsibility for determining the treatment outcome (which may include decisions regarding the degree of lash curl, length and colour). This has been agreed during the course of my consultation. 

I have read and understand the aftercare leaflet given to me and realise that I am responsible for the general care of my lashes. 

SVS, VOLUME AND EXTEND LASH-EXTENSION MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENTS: I understand that maintenance procedures are required to keep Volume and Extend lashes looking thick, full and conditioned. I am aware that I will be charged an additional fee for any further work. This may also apply to SVS lashes depending on the outcome desired. 

LASH REMOVAL REQUIREMENTS: I understand that Nouveau Lashes lash extensions may be professionally removed at the salon at which they were applied or removed at home using Nouveau Lashes Lash Extension Remover.

I consent to collecting, retaining and processing medical and health information provided on the Client Record Card, Treatment Record Card and Sensitivity Patch Test Card for the purpose of my treatment, any aftercare and any other matters relating to the treatment arising after my treatment.

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