Eyelash/Brows Consultation and Consent Form

Medical Declaration

I hereby authorise a fully trained and certified technician to complete my treatment.  

I accept responsibility for determining the length and thickness of the lashes (extensions only)/Curl and colour of my lashes (LVL Lashes only)/tint colour for brows and lashes, as agreed during my consultation. I have completed a patch test prior to my treatment (results below).

I understand that a maintenance procedure is required to retain the completed look, and I am aware that I will be charged additional fees for further work.

I understand that with any treatment certain risks are involved and that any complications or side effects from known or unknown causes could occur. I freely assume these risks. I confirm that I have completed the above to the best of my knowledge and the answers I have given are correct. I have not withheld any information. 

I give my full consent for both before and after photos to be used for portfolio building and advertising purposes.  

Please read carefully & only sign if you are in full agreement with its contents.

I confirm that I have understood the treatment that I am about to receive and confirm that I am willing to proceed.

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Data Protection and Privacy

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