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Planet Patrol Rep Form 2023

Please complete and submit this form to run clean-up events with Planet Patrol in 2023. Please note this form will take around 5 minutes to complete.

Please ensure all information you provide is accurate to the best of your knowledge.

Thank you, and looking forward to patrolling with you soon!

1. Personal Details

Please tick all activities that you could hold as Planet Patrol events.

First Last

Address, Town, City, Postcode, Country

If you have more than one file, please upload it as a zip file

If you have more than one file, please upload it as a zip file

2. Affiliation Information

Below you will be asked to share information about your club and your club's logo. This will be displayed on our website in our "Meet Our Reps" sections here  & here 

We ask Reps to show their affiliation with us on their websites. We will provide our logo and information for you via email to place on the relevant section of your website.

Social Media

Please let us know the best social media handles to tag/message/interact with as Planet Patrol (these can be club or instructor handles)

If you operate on multiple, please list, e.g. River Trent, Leeds-Liverpool Canal etc

If you can transport your kit to many locations across a wider area, please let us know the catchment areas you could cover

For us to add to the "meet our reps" section on our website

Please see examples here

We'd love to get to know you and your community more!

At Planet Patrol, our volunteers have been testing water quality across the country and recording findings in the app. Would you and your club be interested in participating in this?

3. New Reps - If you have been a Planet Patrol Rep before, please go to section 4

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Planet Patrol Rep!

Our clean ups are free to the public - they are inclusive, and anyone can get involved (no experience necessary).
Booking requires a £10 refundable deposit from participants.

i.e. If you have 16 x paddleboards/paddles/buoyancy aids - please write 16 for SUP

4. Kit inventory - If you are a new rep, please go to section 5

Please share the quantity you have of Planet Patrol equipment below.

If you are a new Rep, please skip this section and go straight to section 5. We will send you clean-up kit based on the number of participants you will have at your clean-ups.

If so, these need to be replaced with Planet Patrol stickers. If this applies to you, please share the number of stickers that you need (one sticker per bucket)

Please include a safe place where litter picking equipment can be left if you are out when it is delivered

5. Your Planet Patrol Events

Most clubs tend to run a minimum of 4 events a year

i.e. if you are listing multiple activities write SUP x16, Yoga x10

6. Agreement Information

If you haven't already, please download the Planet Patrol app (, create an account and try it out yourself before the clean up.

Please tick each box to show your agreement

Before your clean ups, we will share the participant details with you - such as names and medical history. You must delete participant details after the clean up session and ONLY use this information concerning your clean up event (e.g. if they are late or there are last-minute changes). You must NOT contact them for promotional purposes, add them to any contact lists or store their details in compliance with GDPR laws. You can read our privacy policy here.

If you have any queries or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us:

- our Programmes & Community Manager Oleta

- our Team

And finally, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your time, effort, and enthusiasm!


NB: By completing this, you agree to comply with GDPR data protection laws and Planet Patrol using your data for your position as a volunteer partner, running clean-ups, and communicating with you regularly about your role.

NB: By signing this form, you declare that you do not have any previous convictions or cautions restricting you from working with young people or vulnerable adults and confirm that there is no other reason why Planet Patrol should not work with you or your group.

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