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This project is part-funded by the European Social Fund

Please complete this form to become a member of the West Suffolk College Sustainability Centre Business Programme.

As a member you are confirming you will work towards learning and adopting sustainability into your business model; work and engage with our Sustainability Business Lead, use our resources and attend our webinars & events when possible. We look forward to working with you to track your progress and create case studies to celebrate.

Additionally you can also make a pledge to our sustainability business goals (Click here for Pledge Form) and work towards achieving a Sustainability Award.

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The questions below are intended to identify whether or not a company is an SME (less than 250 employees or balance less than €43M or annual turnover of less than €50M).

Independent enterprises are those not owned as to 25% or more of the capital or the voting rights by one enterprise, or owned jointly by several enterprises, falling outside of the definition of SME whichever may apply


There are 4 pledges for Businesses joining the Sustainability Centre:

1.Aligning with the United Nations and the UK’s Government legal commitment to commit to being Net Zero by 2050 – and aim for 2030 as a business. Please sign the commitment here:

2.To pledge to work towards the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. You can use this tool to assist you. We recommend focusing on the 2-3 you have the biggest impact on first, rather than taking them all on at once.

3.To take a business pledge to reduce the environmental impact of your operations. For example: “We pledge to take action to reduce our water footprint by 50% by 2030” – you and your pledge will then be displayed on our pledging page.

4.To take a business pledge to enhance the social impact of your business model. For example: “We pledge to take action to ensure people working within our supply chain are paid at least the national living wage”.

5.Bonus pledge that we recommend >>> To aim to register your business as a B Corp company within 3 years of joining us and get the certification by 2030. More info here. Alternatively, you could look at other environmental or social certifications/standards that better suit your business – an example list is available at the bottom of the page.


The Sustainability Centre at West Suffolk College is part of our Higher PLACE Programme part-funded by the European Social Fund. The Centre offers a range of courses, resources, events and a network for both students and professionals, and works with businesses to support them to implement sustainability throughout their operations. Our goal is to promote sustainable development across the region, assist SMEs to adopt sustainable practices and educate college curriculum and initiatives.Our Mission is to work collaboratively to adopt and speed up sustainability through:

•Environmental & Social Sustainability

•Education & Awareness

•Engagement & Networking

Our values include the Triple bottom line model: People, Planet and Profit, with the key to accelerate action.Alignment with the SDGs and the circular economy. We will approach this important topic with action,collaboration, and inclusivity.

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