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19+ and All Part Time Enrolment form 2020-21

Thanks for wishing to study with West Suffolk College. Please complete the information in full below. Please DO NOT use Internet Explorer to complete this form.  Please copy and paste link into another browser such as Google Chrome or MS Edge.

Personal Details

If no to living in UK, we may ask for further information. (Example - Turkish husband and wife. The wife may have only lived in UK for 2 years but husband has lived in UK for 10 yrs and has British passport.  We would need to see: his passport, their marriage certificate, her residence card and passport. She would then be entitled to usual co-funded rate or fully funded if working on a low wage).

You have confirmed you have a criminal conviction or charges pending, as part of our Safeguarding Policy we will need to contact you to discuss this in further detail.


Passport, Drivers Licence, Birth Certificate, National ID Card

Once we have checked your ID the photo will be blurred so that no personal information is retained.