No warranty or guarantee has been made to me as a result of this permanent makeup/camouflage/correction procedure, and that the final result cannot be guaranteed.

I understand that touch up is recomended within 5 - 8 weeks after initial procedure at the cost of £50 and I understand that if I won't return during that time price for touch up will change.

I confirm I have seen and accepted the price list.

There may be risks and hazards related to the performance of this procedure planned for me.

I realise that there is potential for discomfort during the procedure and during the healing process.

There is a possibility of bleeding, swelling, and allergic reactions to the pigment.

I confirm that I had no allergic reaction to the patch test.

I understand that permanent make up will fade over the time.

I underst that there is no refunds for the procedure.

I have been given the opportunity to ask questions about the procedure, the risks, and the hazards involved.

I believe that I have sufficient information to give this informed consent.

I understand that the Technician will not, under any circumstance, perform any permanent makeup procedures on me if I am known to have any allergies.

I have read Terms&Conditions.

I have read this statement prior to the permanent makeup procedures being performed, and has been given the opportunity to attain reasonable understanding of this Agreement, including the opportunity to ask questions, either by written, verbal or manual communication prior to the signing of this document.

As a Client, you have a responsibility to inform the Technician working on you, of all possible concerns. Please read the following and initial before each statement.

I understand that I must inform my technician of all medications being taken by me, even though I have written it on the General Medical History and Confidential Medical History forms. For example, pain control medication such as aspirin may cause the blood to thin, and excessive bleeding may occur.

I understand that it is my responsibility to advise the technician of any concerns I may have before they begin the procedure, even though I may have written it down on the form.

I am free from drug and alcohol use or any other substances.

I am not pregnant.

PMU Consent Form part 1

Please read and sign this consent form prior to your procedure.

Please fully read the statements below:


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