Confidentiality is of paramount importance to our clients.  Under no circumstances should you phone the staff or vendor direct.  Failure to comply with our terms and protocol of purchase will exclude you from access to future opportunities and may result in legal action.
To arrange viewings, meetings, surveys, to make an offer or to ask for more information please contact WeSellAnyBiz / WeSellOpticians (Trading Name of GNST Service LTD).

Please fill as best as you can:

Write a brief description about the history and present situation about the business.

When did you start the business? Did you start from brand new or did you buy an existing business before?

Write the future potential of business, how can more growth be added?

How many other optical practices nearby?

Why are you selling the business?

How much you want for the business including stock, equipment, goodwill?

About the business:

Year EndTurn OverNet Profit
Year Practice Established
Under current ownership since
Percentage of NHS income
Number of NHS sight tests in the last year
Number of private sight tests in the last year
Average Length of an eye exam
Price charged for an eye exam
Price charged for a CL consultation
Number of CL consultations in the last year
Average dispense rate
Average value per dispense
Estimate number of active patients
RoleHours Per WeekAnnual Salary
Trial Lens Set
Visual Field Screener
Slit Lamp
Patient Chair
Illuminated Test Chart
Volk Lenses
LayoutGround Floor
Total size of premises in square foot
Disabled Access
Display Area
Reception Area
Testing Room
Staff WC
Patient WC
Date lease started
Term of lease
Date lease due to terminate
Date of last rent review
Annual rent payable
Annual rateable value
Monthly business rate
Type of lease


Property value
Type of property
How many flats above
How many bedrooms per flat
How many toilets/bathroom per flat
Approx size of per flat
Rental from flats above
Council tax per flat
Any service charge per flat

Shares Sale:

How many % shares do you hold?
Who holds the other shares?
Other shareholder is aware of your shares sale?
Have they have agreed?
Please full details of current shareholder agreement, including your duties, liabilities, time spent and any other detail regards to the business:

Any other Information:

The business details are intended as a guide to assist potential purchasers with information relevant to their consideration of whether to proceed with the purchase of this practice. WeSellAnyBiz / WeSellOpticians (Trading Name of GNST Service LTD) can accept no responsibility for, or warrant the accuracy or validity of the information provided by third parties, including the vendor and associated accountants, solicitors etc. It is therefore essential for potential purchasers to undertake the usual and appropriate enquiries and investigations to be expected of a potential purchaser or their advisors.
Offered subject to remaining unsold and not withdrawn and subject to final contract. Details as supplied by the vendors. Neither WeSellAnyBiz / WeSellOpticians (Trading Name of GNST Service LTD) nor any of their respective officers, servants or agents gives any guarantee or warranty as to any information or advice provided by them or shall be liable for damages or loss of whatever nature; arising from this document whether due to omission default negligence or any other cause whatsoever or in respect of indemnity claims by other parties arising from any delay defect error or omission save to the extent that any attempt at exclusion of liability will be contrary to law. Prospective purchasers should therefore satisfy themselves about the accuracy of the information contained in this document. WeSellAnyBiz / WeSellOpticians (Trading Name of GNST Service LTD) is registered under the Data Protection Acts of 1984 & 1998.