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Community Grants 5 Electronic Application Form

IMPORTANT - Please Read!

.    This form cannot be saved throughout completion, therefore you must answer every question fully in one session before submission. It is strongly advised that you download the template paper version to enable you to cut and paste the written narrative answers onto the electronic form.  

.   All mandatory fields are indicated by * and will be highlighted in yellow. You will not be able to submit the form without completing these questions.

·    Please refer to the Community Grants Application Guidance Information when completing your application.

.    Further supplementary documentation will be required if your application achieves the scoring threshold and an offer in principle is proposed.

1. Organisation details

Please complete all of your organisation details in the boxes below

Annual Turnover


Please give details of your organisation’s 3 main funders and the approximate annual value (e.g. Lottery, Local Authority, include previous ESF Community Grants awarded).

Main Funders


2. Bank details

Name of account signatories (2 required)