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This treatment involves the use of a surgical blade and you may therefore be at risk of superficial cuts. These will heal quickly when following correct advice from your therapist.

This treatment will remove a build up of dead skin cells as well as removing vellus hair.
Photography is recommended before and after treatment.

It is usual for the skin to feel warm with a sensation of mild sunburn, this will resolve within 24 hours.
You are over 18 years of age.

You understand that the practice of dermaplaning is not an exact science and therefore that no guarantee can be given as to the results of the treatment referred to in this document. I accept and understand that the goal of this treatment is improvement, not perfection, and that there is no guarantee that the anticipated results will be achieved.

The procedure for dermaplaning has been explained to you by the therapist. I have read and understand the information given to me. I consent to undergo treatment.

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