Microneedling Consent Form

Micro-needling is based on the skin’s natural ability to repair itself. It is a safe natural, holistic alternative for resurfacing the skin using microneedles without an aggressive machine which is safe for all skin types. Micro-needling treatments create superficial “micro-channels” to the outermost layer of the skin, inducing the healing process and new collagen production.  Micro-needling has been shown to reduce the visibility of acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles, diminish hyperpigmentation, and improve skin tone and texture.

Patient Consent:

  • I understand that results may vary between individuals. 

  • I understand that although I may see a change after my first treatment, I may require a series of sessions to obtain my desired outcome.

  • The procedure and its side effects will be explained to me.

  • I understand the benefits and disadvantages of this procedure.

  • I am advised that although good results are expected, the possibility and nature of complications cannot be accurately advised and there can be no guarantee expressed or implied to the success of the treatment.

  • I am aware that the microneedling treatment is not permanent and that natural degradation will occur over time. 

  • I can confirm that I am not pregnant or have any medical condition, known to me that may be affected by having this treatment.

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Pre - Treatment Advice

  • No waxing, depilatory creams or electrolysis to area being treated 5-7 days prior to treatment.

  • Avoidance of IPL/Laser procedures, unprotected sun exposure or sunburn for 2 weeks prior.

  • Do not use topical agents that may increase sensitivity of skin.

  • No waxing, depilatory creams or electrolysis to area being treated 5-7 days prior.

  • On the day of the treatment please ensure that skin is clean without lotion, oil, makeup, powder, perfume or sunscreen. This can of course be removed at the clinic prior to the treatment.

Post - Treatment Advice

After the procedure the skin will be red and flushed in appearance similar to a moderate sunburn. You will experience a feeling of tightness and possibly a mild irritation to the skin afterwards that will diminish greatly over the next few hours. It is not common but occasionally mild bruising can occur depending on the depth the needles are being used at and the client. Peeling and dry skin is common for up to a week afterwards as skin cells are turning over and new ones are surfacing. Very rarely clients will experience minimal scabbing.

It is Important to treat the skin gently and until the skin has completely recovered, you should follow the following advice.

  • Stop using AHA’s (glycolic Acid) Retin A (retinol) or any “active ingredients” for 3-4 days post treatment or until the skin has fully covered

  • Avoid touching or picking at the skin 

  • Avoid any heat treatments, vigorous exercise, sauna steam rooms for 24hours or until the skin has fully recovered following the treatment

  • Avoid sun exposure until the skin has fully recovered, or use zinc-based sunblock 

  • If the skin feels hot, apply a wet compress such as a wet flannel 

  • Do not wear make up for 24 hours post treatment 

  • Avoid 7 days post treatment any regenerative or invasive treatments such as : Waxing, Peels, Laser, IPL, Resurfacing, RF, Filler, Botox etc

Data Protection and Privacy

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We take special precautions with your sensitive personal data and we will process your data lawfully and as described. We only process the data we need for as long as we need to and we respect all of your rights under GDPR. We will never sell, share or otherwise abuse your data. You can contact us at anytime to request your data, change your preferences or request that your data be deleted. GDPR is the European privacy law designed to protect you and give you control of your data.